Maximum Verbosity
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Theatre and Theology


PENNER: Yes! Yes, that's right, you were looking for edgy and there it is. What's the one issue we can't talk about onstage? What's the dirtiest word?
MAX: "Slut-whompers?"
MISTI: "Jew?"
PENNER: No! No. God! I mean, it's God. We've actually reached the point where "God" is a dirtier word than "fuck."

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Table of Contents


* Theatre and Theology, Part I
* Theatre and Theology, Part II: Nuns vs. Showgirls
* Theatre and Theology, Part III: Immorality Plays
* Theatre and Theology, Part IV: Prophanity
* Theatre and Theology: A Response
* Theatre and Theology: Correction to a Correction
* Theatre and Theology: Conclusions and Revelations
* Theatre and Theology: Addendum and Apocrypha